Weaving Wisdom: Summer Sustainable Learning at the Salmon Center


Weaving Wisdom at The Farm is happening again!  The  Salmon Center is offering your child the opportunity to participate in learning activities scheduled throughout the summer, adjacent to the beautiful Theler Wetlands.

The Salmon Center facility will be an extended learning lab, where your child will have access to planting space in the certified organic garden, a class/craft room, and the magnificent grounds of the farm itself.  In addition, we will utilize the Timberland Library for research on environmental issues and have one session at Twanoh State Park.  Our program is open to students in grades 1-9, usually contains 15 students, and will conclude with an evening celebration and display of student art, research, writings, and crafts!

Regular attendance is desirable, but not mandatory.  Because we are growing vegetables and herbs, some planting may occur earlier by the Belfair Elementary School Environmental Studies Club and harvesting may extend into the fall.

Weaving Wisdom will now be open for enrollment throughout the summer.  Kids can join the camp at any time.  If folks can’t make the entire summer camp schedule, it will be pro-rated to a daily rate of $15.50 per day. If folks are interested in a pro-rated plan, we ask that they sign up and register at least a day before.  There still will be a ½ off special for participants of the free and reduced lunch program through their school.  Scholarships are also still available.

For our photography session, students will need to bring a camera.  Transportation must be provided to and from the farm or other destinations, and each child should bring a lunch.

Please return a completed Registration Form and Medical Form along with your check by mail or in person to the Pacific Northwest Salmon Center:

Pacific Northwest Salmon Center
600 NE Roessel Road (Physical)
PO Box 2169 (Mailing)
Belfair, WA 98528

Call our office at (360) 275-3575 Ext. 12 for more information. We hope your child will be able to join us for this exciting program for our students and community.

2014 Registration Form

Weaving Wisdom Medical Form

Note:  The North Mason School District does not endorse or sponsor this program and is not responsible for its operation, content or actions. Furthermore the school district does and will disclaim all warranties, express or implied and assumes no liability to any party for any damages arising out of or in connection with the activities.