2012 Nature Explorers Day Camp Sessions:

Grades: 4th-8th
Day and Overnight Opportunities

The Nature Explorer day camp series offers a variety of outdoor activities throughout the summer that build nature awareness skills with an overnight adventure in August.

June 28th –   A Day at the Farm        

Spend a day on the farm playing in the dirt and caring for animals.  Experience what it takes to grow organic food, feed the animals, walk an alpaca, plant seeds, and spin wool into yarn to take home.  We’ll even make ice cream and press apples to make cider!  Experience how plants, people and animals create a community while having a fun-filled day on the farm!

July 12th  –   Animal Tracking & Geocaching

Ever wanted to become a Nature Detective?  Animals live around us all the time yet often go unnoticed.  The woods can be a big mystery with clues in many places for us to solve. Figure out which critter left their print and learn some of the detective work it takes to discover these answers. Then we’ll make some of our own mysteries, as we have fun geocaching and find hidden treasure. Once you’re a Nature Detective, you’re always a Nature Detective. Come explore with us.

July 19th –   Birds, Bees & Beyond

From the hummingbird to the honeybee, we’ll explore the world of birds and bees.  We’ll pack our binoculars for a nature hike to see how many different kinds of birds are around us.  For the adventuresome, you’ll have a chance to visit our friendly honeybee hive.  Build a bee house to take home, and play games while learning about our feathered friends.  Join us as we look upward to the birds and bees on the trail and beyond.  We may even meet the only bird which flies backwards!

Aug. 2nd –   Streams & Shorelines

Water is everywhere!  Join the fun as we spend the day exploring the place where streams meet beaches and discover marine critters along the way.  We’ll investigate the water quality of a stream and the marine water.  Is it healthy for fish, for us?  Any idea how many critters can live inside a spoonful of seawater? You’ll examine the wild world of water under a microscope and you may find many things looking back at you. At the end of the day, you can take the plunge if you dare.

Aug. 9th –   Underwater Explorations

Do you like getting wet?  We’ll visit the world of salmon as we spend an afternoon exploring what lives under the water.  We’ll snorkel our way through pools and riffles finding grazers, shredders and predators that live in the gravel.  Learn how dragonflies live most of their life.  Together we’ll wander the edges of a stream and explore the amazing world between the land and the water.   By the end of the day we’ll crawl back onto land.

Aug. 23-24th –   Kayak Adventure Camp  (an overnight adventure)

We conclude our summer Nature Explorer Camp Series with an overnight adventure.  During the day we will explore the link between the stream, the estuary and the nearshore.  Part of our adventures will include exploring from kayaks, but we’ll also revisit some of the skills we learned this summer including animal tracking, geocaching, identifying critters and much more.  Campers will cook dinner and s’mores over the fire, and pitch tents along a Hood Canal stream. The adventure is only bound by your desire to explore!      

Our Camps

Our camps provide opportunities to explore our local environment, and provide a perspective of the salmon world above and below the water.  We hope you’ll join us in exploring one or more of the adventures guided by the skilled and dedicated staff at the Pacific Northwest Salmon Center.  The staff of the PNWSC has been providing day camp and overnight camp experiences since 2002.

Camps are limited in size in order to provide a safe, educational experience that is based on sharing and discovery.  The activities offered during each camp are designed to give campers confidence to explore, ask questions, and offer their own insight.

In following in the footsteps of all great explorers, adventurers, scouts, and pirates, we believe exploring and discovery is often about getting wet and dirty.   So please recognize whole-body experiences are a big part of these programs.  There is a reason we have vinyl seats in our vans.

We hope you’ll join us as we look forward to having some new adventures this summer!

Camp Scholarships

Scholarships are very limited.  Please contact our main office for scholarship availability and to fill out a financial aid form.

Camp scholarships in 2011 were generously donated by Olympia Federal Savings, North Mason Rotary Club, the Allison Foundation, Lynn Koopmans and Tom & Dorinda Brown.

Anyone can donate to send a kid to camp or support camp programs: contact Kim@pnwsalmoncenter.org.