Dave and Julian on KMAS to talk about Septic Project

On Tuesday, Febuary 18th, Dave and Julian went on 1030 KMAS in Shelton to chat about one of our exciting new projects, the Hood Canal Onsite Septic Nitrogen Removal Project. To listen to their interview, scroll down to February 18th on the KMAS Daybreak page.

A  recently completed research project by the Washington State Department of Health and the University of Washington has shown that a low cost, two-stage Recirculating Gravel Filter (RGF) and Woodchip Bed System can reduce nitrogen output by greater than 90% and fecal coliform bacteria by greater than 96%. This project will include design and installation of a RGF and woodchip bed system between existing septic tanks and drain fields for three homeowner shoreline residences or businesses to evaluate actual site performance and landowner acceptance during two years of operation. Public education, communication and site visits will be a key component of the program.  A final report will include nitrogen and fecal coliform removal effectiveness, costs, landowner maintenance considerations, public acceptance evaluation and define benefits if this technology were applied across the lower Hood Canal shoreline.


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