Farming? We’ve got it covered!

You may have visited the Salmon Center recently and noticed the frame of our high tunnel, sitting bare and waiting to be covered. Well, today, it is officially up and running! With the help of volunteers and interns, the cover was pulled over the frame.




The high tunnel is part of our certified organic farm, which utilizes seeds  grown locally in the Pacific Northwest.  It is our intent that any produce left at the end of the season, and probably some starter plants at the beginning of the season, will be donated to the local food banks to help support our community’s needs.


Once all of the pieces are together, the high tunnel will have peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes grown inside.  The high tunnel’s irrigation system will use less water by irrigating the roots of those plants, instead of watering the tops of the plants.  The walls of the high tunnel  also act as a vapor barrier, which will retain moisture and heat to encourage plant growth.  This is great for juicy plants like tomatoes!


20150515_100317Another benefit of the high tunnel is being able to grow produce that might not do as well in the open outdoors.  So, by using both indoor and outdoor gardens, the Salmon Center hopes to bring more variety to the dinner table, and we also hope that you will come visit and enjoy some of our produce this summer!



Our next step? The high tunnel will have a root-irrigation system installed soon, according to our groundskeeper, Daniel.


As always, volunteer support keeps the Salmon Center working in tip-top shape, and that includes our garden programs.  Over the summer, the high tunnel will require some attention and our plants will need some care.  If you are interested in helping in the garden this summer, we would love to hear from you!


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