Hey, hay!

Greeting Volunteers,

One thousand apologies for this last minute request but if you have any time to help with another Hay Day tomorrow, we could really use your help. We need (8) people (kids with adults are welcome) to help bring in the hay. Our hay contractor was busy last week baling our hay. It will be a race to beat our unpredictable weather again this season and we really need your help.

This Tuesday, July 31st, we will be loading and transporting the baled hay to the barn.

We are requesting eight volunteers from 10:00 AM – 3:00 p.m.

We will be providing PIZZA too on HAY DAY.

For further information or sign up, please contact: Kim or Michelle at:

  • 360-275-3575 | 360-275-9722 or
  • kim@pnwsalmoncenter.org

Since this request may not reach until after hours today, please feel free to show up or call first thing on Tuesday morning.

Thank you for your Volunteer efforts with our group.


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