Our Cucumbers are Ready to be Picked!

DSC01136Thanks to the extra warm weather and our fancy new high-tunnel, we are now pleased to offer several varieties of cucumbers that are ready for your picking pleasure! In our high-tunnel, we have four different varieties of cucumbers to meet all of your slicing and pickling needs! If you are looking for the perfect pickling cucumbers, our Vorgebirgstrauben and Sandita will be just what you need to get your shelves stocked. Our Sweet Marketmore cucumbers are most likely what you see in your mind when you picture a cucumber and are just right for slicing and adding to your salads. Are you in search of a more versatile cucumber that can be used for both pickling and slicing? Our Lemon cucumbers are just what you need, just don’t let their lemon-like appearance deter you. When you come to harvest your perfect cucumbers, please be prepared to step into our hot and humid high-tunnel. For any questions, please feel free to contact our farm intern, Christina, at farm@pnwsalmoncenter.org, or track her (or another staff member) down Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm!   


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