4H Club Wins Big at Youth Fair

4H club member Allie Harlow won the Grand Champion award.
4H club member Allie Harlow won the Grand Champion award.

The Salmon Center’s 4H club, which is comprised of 9 members from the Belfair area, recently celebrated great success at the Spring Youth Fair in Centralia, Washington. Members competed in Showmanship, Obstacles, Steeple Chase, and a Costume Contest with alpacas and llamas. One member took home the Grand Champion placement, and another won the Reserve Champion placement.

The club, now in its fourth year, is helping the young members learn about animal care. Lindsey Curneen, one of the club’s members, said, “4-H has been a wonderful learning experience and a way for me to connect with animals.”

In addition to animal care, members are learning valuable life skills through working with their animals. “Our children have benefited greatly from being involved in the 4H program at the Salmon Center,” said Brad and Jennifer Lambert, parents of two 4-H members. “They get hands-on experience with animal husbandry and learn new skills working with other youth and adult mentors. Participation in area fairs and community events gives them the opportunity to happily share this knowledge. As parents, we feel that this program is an essential part of their well-rounded education.”

Next, the club will attend the Mason Area Fair in July and then the Kitsap County Fair in August, hoping to have similar success. To learn more about the Salmon Center’s 4H club, visit the 4H Q&A page.


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