The Salmon Center offers a variety of outreach programs that strive to connect and engage community members in ecological awareness, learning and stewardship. Below are a few of our outreach programs:


Group Presentations

Salmon Center staff offer group presentations and/or activities to organizations or clubs interested in learning more about Hood Canal salmon lifecycles, habitat restoration, research and monitoring efforts.  The Salmon Center’s presentations are portable and can be delivered at  the Salmon Center or an off-site location of your choice.  For more information, please contact us.


Summer Camps

The Salmon Center hosts various summer camp programs annually.  Summer camps connect campers with fun and engaging outdoor journeys and range from overnight adventures to daycamp experiences.  Summer camps include GreenSTREAM and EnviroCamp.  To learn more about current or upcoming summer camps, please contact us.


Workshops and Classes

Throughout the year, the Salmon Center holds a variety of workshops and classes that support professionals as well as students and adults. Workshops offered at the Center include teacher trainings and professional development.  The classes  include art courses taught by professional artist, Beverly Hooks.  To learn more about current workshop and class, visit our page here.



The Salmon Center facility is located on a farm that houses chickens, goats, and alpacas made available to local youth for 4-H activities.  Club members learn about livestock, gardening, and record keeping. Youth work with their animals throughout the year and show them at County and area fairs.  To learn more about our 4-H club, visit our 4H page, or email 4-H Club Leader Mendy Harlow.