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Healthy Food, Healthy Salmon

The U-Pick Garden provides fresh vegetables and garden-based educational opportunities to the community and region. The Garden enhances the local food system as well as local salmon habitat through the practice of sustainable agriculture.  Conventional agriculture and home gardening often rely heavily on synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides along with heavy tilling.  This can result in runoff of these chemicals, nutrients, and soil particles into nearby water bodies creating a negative impact on both fresh and saltwater salmon habitat. Providing food that is produced locally reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and minimizes emissions related to transporting food. The U-Pick Garden follows conservation practices such as composting, sourcing local organic seed, reduced tillage, crop rotation, manure management, cover cropping, and buffer strips. We offer WSDA Certified Organic produce on a seasonal basis through our U-Pick Garden. The Garden will have a wide variety of produce available for purchase during regular Salmon Center hours throughout the season. We also offer fresh eggs. Sign up for the Pacific Northwest Salmon Center’s email newsletter to receive up-to-date information on our produce, hours, news, and volunteer opportunities.

chickens webHealthy Animals

We raise free-range chickens, Nubian goats, Pygmy goats, and alpacas!  We compost manure that then fertilizes our crops. The chickens produce eggs which are available for purchase through our U-Pick (a Rainbow Pack is $4 for a dozen and has a range of colors from dark brown to green).  We have four Nubian dairy goats that provide milk and clear brush on the property.  Our three Pygmy goats are very friendly, always love attention, and are good with kids.  Come down to see them!  We also have a herd of thirteen Huayaca alpacas that we shear every year for fiber.  Please contact us if you are interested in using raw or processed alpaca fiber or want to learn more about raising animals at home.

Many of our animals are used for 4-H Projects by local youth belonging to the Farm at Water’s Edge 4-H Club. Contact our 4-H Club Leader, Mendy Harlow, at 360-275-3575 ext. 23 or for more information or to get involved.