From the Ground Up Community P-Patch Project

Our From the Ground Up Project will transform ten in-ground P-Patch plots into 5 X 12 ft raised beds. With this project we hope to increase community awareness of and participation in our p-patches as well as provide more efficient, productive, and visually appealing spaces for the community to gather and grow together.


An informational meeting about the project and general P-Patch information will be held in The Salmon Center classroom on Saturday, March 12 between 11 am and 1 pm. Light snacks will be provided.





Raised beds provide better weed, pest, and runoff protection; as well as increasing soil temperatures and drainage. All of these factors simplify the maintenance of your garden while increasing yields. The change in size from our original 10 x 10 ft beds to 5 x 12 ft is to ensure easy reach throughout your bed space, therefore eliminating the need to step on your hard-worked soil and reducing compaction.



With the dedication of our 2015-’16 AmeriCorps members, plans for this transformation have begun to take place. Using sand to level the land, organic burlap sacks as a weed barrier, cinderblocks to make the frames, and our rich farm-made compost we hope to have ten fully-realized beds ready to plant by May 2016. Funding to begin this project comes from seed money received from this crowdfunding source.  However, donations are always accepted to further improve the project’s efficiency and, as such, our end-product. If you want to help but prefer to get your hands dirty on a beautiful day, please come volunteer at one of our From the Ground Up community project days! Stay tuned for dates and more information on how to volunteer.



To lease a raised bed plot, a fee of $25 is needed as well as a commitment to volunteer 12 hours of your time at The Salmon Center. Eight of those hours must go directly toward the maintenance of our U-pick farm. The remaining four hours can be used to help any of The Salmon Center’s myriad projects. None of these hours may be met with time spent toiling in your individual plot. As with all of our p-patch leasers, you will need to follow our rules, code of conduct, and sign our acknowledgement form.



Feel free to direct any questions to either of our AmeriCorps Sustainability Coordinators, Kelly Johnson (, 360-275-3575 ext. 10; or Zoe Moskwa (, 360-275-3575 ext. 33.






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