Grant Received to Help Expand P-Patch

HCSEG is the proud recipient of a SeedMoney challenge grant! This will enable us to expand our P-Patch garden so that more Mason County community members have access to a safe, affordable space to grow healthy food. Our P-Patch garden currently consists of 10 raised beds and 5 in-ground beds, and the expansion would add additional raised beds while transforming the in-ground ones to raised beds as well.


This expansion will also serve as a learning tool. Part of our mission at the Salmon Center is to cultivate an educational atmosphere that will benefit our local community. The expansion of the P-Patch beds, in addition to the presence of our other garden projects, provides a unique space to learn about various gardening methods and how those methods impact our environment.

In addition to the $400 SeedMoney grant, we received $850 in donations – more than our original goal of $600 – for a grand total of $1250 that we can put towards these improvements. We greatly appreciate the support and generosity that our community has shown us by contributing to our campaign, and we look forward to channeling these resources into an impactful project to directly benefit folks in our area. Contact us for the opportunity to lease a spot in our garden and start growing your own organic produce!


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