HCSEG Offering Free Native Planting Plans to Streamside Landowners

nativeplantInterested in native plants? Live along a stream flowing into Hood Canal? We’d like to help!

This past fall, we received funding from the Hood Canal Coordinating Council to work with local streamside landowners on increasing native vegetation along our riparian areas for the benefit of fish, wildlife, and property owners. Just a few of the benefits of native plants include:

  • Less maintenance and water once plants are established
  • No pesticides required to manage
  • Attracts diverse wildlife and provides great habitat for salmon
  • Can increase property value

Aside from having offered a series of workshops for local landowners, we’re offering a limited amount of site visits and planting plans through this month. To learn more, or to schedule a visit, contact Seth at (360) 275-3575 ext. 12 or by email.


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