HCSEG Seeking Water Quality Volunteers

HCSEG is currently seeking volunteer help on a new water quality monitoring program. HCSEG is working with Mason, Kitsap, and Jefferson counties on the Hood Canal Regional Pollution Identification and Correction Program. Our role will be an ambient stream water quality monitoring component added to the program. For one year HCSEG, with the help of volunteers, will collect water quality samples from 10 streams in Mason county that have been selected as “high priority” streams by Mason county and others. Samples will be taken at least once per month, and more frequently at certain times of the year. This data provided by this work will provide critical information to the county, and the PIC partners, enabling them to investigate and ultimately resolve water quality issues on lower Hood Canal streams.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, or would like to learn more, contact Julian at (360) 275-3575 ext. 15 or by email.



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