The Salmon Center strives to deepen the connection between land, people, and salmon through restoration, education, and research. One of the ways we work toward this goal is maintaining a community garden to provide those interested in growing their own organic produce an affordable space to do so, as well as education on how negative human impact on salmon can be reduced with sustainable farming practices. Among a vast array of benefits to the environment, our USDA-Organic Certification ensures that no harmful pesticides or fertilizers enter our groundwater, therefore keeping the streams healthy for both our salmon and ourselves. All plots are $25 along with a minimum of twelve hours of volunteer commitment to The Salmon Center.


Interested in gardening but don’t have the space? Want to begin a new hobby that increases your health, well-being, and keeps money in your pocket? Contact us for more information!  Please send an inquiry email to either of our AmeriCorps Sustainability Coordinators Emma Welty and Heather Hamilton ( You may also call (360) 275-3575 ext. 131.



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