Enhance your school’s science curriculum with our educational trunks! The following kits are FREE to use and can be loaned for up to one month. To reserve, please call Michelle at (360) 275-3575, ext. 22 or by email.


Bird ID kit
Bird ID kit.

Bird Watching Kit

This kit contains binoculars, bird field guides, lesson plans and activities for all ages. Learn about bird migration, what type of nest they use and how they have evolved.


Water Monitoring Kit

Students will have tools to sample water for pH, Nitrate, and Dissolved Oxygen, and learn how to conduct field investigations. This kit is designed for Middle/ High School classes.


Tracking Kit

Ever see an animal track and wonder who made it? With this kit students can learn to build a soot trap, make a plaster animal footprint, build a hibernaculum for amphibians, and identify local animal tracks.


Navigation Kit

Learn how to read a topographic map, take a bearing and find your position by triangulation. Kit includes 15 compasses, 1 oversize demonstration compass, lesson plans and activity sheets.


Elk Kit

Explore the world of the elk. This kit contains information and activities on their habits, a pelt, antlers, a skull, even the device that people use to mimic a bull elk bugling. There is even a skull of one of their most feared predators, the cougar.


Wild Salmon Kit

Salmon kit.
Wild salmon kit.

Students will learn about the salmon’s life cycle, migration, anatomy, and importance in both our local environment and cultural significance. The kit includes books, games, videos, slides, and activities.


Macro Invertebrates Kit

What bugs live in the stream near your school? With this kit students will have the tools to collect, identify, and learn how bug populations can indicate the health of their local stream.


Invasive Kit

Does Washington have invasive plants or animals? Learn about pest species in our area, how they impact the environment, and what we can do to keep our environment healthy. Tools are provided in this kit for invasive weed removal. Also learn to identify native plants and their beneficial role in a healthy habitat.


Our educational trunks are funded through a Pacific Education Institute grant awarded to the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group.