Lower Big Beef Creek Design

Lower Big Beef
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This watershed had subpopulations of ESA listed summer chum salmon. This native species has been extirpated but recently reintroduced as a cornerstone strategy to recovery. Habitat condition is relatively poor due to the straight and channelized attributes of the river that occurred in 1969 along with the removal of large woody debris (LWD). Around that same time, an access road built has inhibited the stream to passively recover from channel simplification.

HCSEG commissioned a conceptual project design seeking a restoration plan that would restore properly functioning floodplain and channel conditions within the lower one mile of the system. The design involves removing the access road that channelized the main channel, removing two buildings and fill material, and adding LWD to add complexity to the system. Additionally, this project will implement a corrective action in a treatment watershed of the Hood Canal Intensely Monitored Watershed program. HCSEG has applied for funding to begin construction of this project in the summer of 2012.

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