HCSEG Responses to Consultant Questions for the January 2018 Request for Qualifications (opens PDF)

Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group

Request for Qualifications

Project Engineering Design, Permitting, and Management Services
January 2018


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Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group (HCSEG) solicits interest from consultants who wish to be evaluated for inclusion on a pre-qualified list to be considered for engineering design, permitting, and management services (Services) for salmon restoration and enhancement projects in the HCSEG region as defined by WAC 220-140-020.  HCSEG is one of fourteen (14) Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups in Washington, incorporated under Chapter 77.95 RCW and Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code to design and implement cooperative salmon restoration and enhancement projects.  The HCSEG region includes watersheds in Jefferson, Kitsap, and Mason Counties. Major watersheds include those of the Big Quilcene, Duckabush, Big Beef Creek, Union, Tahuya, and Dewatto Rivers.



HCSEG works cooperatively with State and local governments, local landowners, tribes, and community groups to identify and implement salmon restoration and enhancement projects under the Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group (RFEG) Act of 1990 (RCW 77.95); the Salmon Recovery Act of 1998 (ESHB 2496) and the Salmon Recovery Funding Act of 1999 (RCW 77.85).  HCSEG seeks the qualifications of consultants to assist on an as-needed basis to pre-design, design, permit, and if needed, provide construction management services for specified salmon restoration and enhancement projects.



At a minimum, consultants responding to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) must be registered and licensed to conduct work in the State of Washington.  Consultants must also have staff or sub-consultants with diverse professional expertise in a wide range of disciplines relevant to salmon restoration and enhancement projects including but not limited to:

  • Engineering and environmental design for: removing fish passage barriers in river, estuary and nearshore environments; stabilizing stream banks and other sources of erosion; and installing in-stream structures (e.g. woody debris).
  • Hydraulic and hydrodynamic modeling
  • Wetland delineation and assessment
  • Fish biology
  • Riparian vegetation
  • Recreational trails/footbridges
  • Relating complex design materials to general public
  • Fluvial geomorphology
  • Geo-technical analysis
  • Surveying
  • Landowner outreach and acquisition support  
  • Federal, state, and local permitting requirements.
  • Project management.  

Selected consultants may work on specific projects or assist HCSEG staff for a specified amount of time.  The selected consultants will be authorized to provide their services to HCSEG on an as needed basis until December 31, 2020. The approved all-inclusive (direct labor, overhead and fee) hourly billing rates will be negotiated and approved by HCSEG on a yearly basis.

HCSEG is an Equal Opportunity employer.  Minority and women owned businesses are encouraged to respond to this RFQ.  The prospective contractor must also agree to provide equal opportunity in the administration of the contract, and its subcontracts or other agreements.


Submittals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Key personnel qualifications and demonstrated work experience in cited areas of expertise (30 points possible);  
  2. Key personnel work experience with federal, state, and local project permitting requirements, including consultation under the federal Endangered Species Act (10 points possible);
  3. Key personnel availability/ ability to respond to HCSEG schedules (20 points possible);  
  4. Key personnel work experience with salmon restoration and enhancement project delivery (40 points possible)  


Consultants are invited to respond to this RFQ at their own cost.  HCSEG assumes no obligation of any kind for expenses incurred by any respondent to this solicitation.  The submittal is limited to a total maximum number of ten pages, which may be double sided, on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.  If charts and/or graphs are utilized, text must be a readable size font, with type size no smaller than 12 point.  Said graphics shall be included in the page count.

The submittal must include:

  • A two page maximum letter of interest.
  • The consultant’s notice of state business registration.  
  • Indications of areas expertise desired to be considered.
  • Responses to scoring Criteria 1 through 5.
  • Not more than three (3) (one page maximum for each) references.  

Materials submitted in response to this competitive procurement shall become the property of HCSEG and will not be returned.  All questions regarding this request for qualifications shall be made via e-mail to mendy@pnwsalmoncenter.org by 5:00pm February 1, 2018. Responses to submitted questions shall be sent to all consultants receiving this package by February 5, 2018.

All submittals received will remain confidential.  Faxed submittals shall not be accepted.  Three (3) copies of the submittal packet delivered by mail must arrive at the following address no later than 5:00pm on February 8, 2018:  


Mendy Harlow, Executive Director

Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group

PO Box 2169 Belfair, WA 98528

Phone: 360-275-3575