Support the Salmon Center through the Kitsap Great Give!



On Tuesday, April 24th, you can support the Salmon Center through the Kitsap Great Give and your support will be magnified by bonus funds! Support through the Great Give helps us carry out habitat restoration, salmon and steelhead research, and numerous environmental education programswhich served more than 11,000 youth last year!

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Want to support us, but worried you’ll forget on the 24th?
You can schedule a donation through the Great Give now!Thank you for your support!
Youth from the Shelton School District hold up fall chum fry prior to releasing the fish into Hood Canal. More than 800 third and fourth-grade students throughout Mason County take part in the Salmon in the Classroom program, which you can help support through the Kitsap Great Give!
Each year, hundreds of youth come to the Salmon Center to take part in the GreenSTEM Summit, showcasing field projects from the classroom and taking part in hands-on activities with HCSEG and other partners, such as Salmon Defense.

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