Volunteers Needed for Chum Trap!


HCSEG, in partnership with WDFW, will once again be conducting the Summer Chum Conservation Project on the Union River from August 15th to October 15th.Hood Canal summer chum are currently listed as threatened and restoration efforts are crucial for their recovery. To aid summer chum recovery, HCSEG and WDFW will be placing a temporary salmon trap on the Union River, where volunteers and interns will collect important data on the returning population. The salmon trap is located on the Union River, just past QFC on the North Shore Road, Hwy 300.

Dedicated volunteers monitor this trap 24 hours a day. Volunteers work in pairs and choose from four shifts – morning, afternoon, evening and overnight. During their shift, volunteers monitor the trap site, count and identify all salmon species in the trap and provide education to visitors to the site. Volunteers enjoy the comforts of a heated RV and tented area on site. We are currently looking for volunteers for all trap shifts. Volunteers can be students, retirees and anyone in between, or someone in need of field experience to open the door to a new job. Bring your family and friends and get involved in doing something great for your local community and natural resource. No experience necessary, we will train you.

To volunteer, please fill out the form below, or call (360) 275-3575 extension 12. Thanks!

Interest in volunteering on Hood Canal summer chum program



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